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Property Sales



The following property sales were recorded in the St. Lawrence County clerk's office Aug. 4, 2008:

Town of Potsdam:1.97 acres more or less, lying easterly of the Old Potsdam-Parishville Road and bounded by Perrin Road, Donald and Diane Romlein, Potsdam, sold to Linda Heilman, St. Louis Park, Minn. $245,000

Town of Potsdam:Bounded by Sykes Road and Pearson property, Margo-Lyn Grant, Canton, sold to Nathan A. and Julie Dold, Canton $68,000

Town of Norfolk:0.40 acre more or less, bounded by Rogers Drive and Thomas Avenue, Deborah M. Berger, Norfolk, sold to Matthew L. Berger, Norfolk $90,000

Town of Norfolk:Being part of Mile Square No. 84, bounded by E. Green's lot and Norfolk-Lost Nation County Road No. 29, Carl Engel, Norfolk, sold to Kevin W. Bosjolie, Massena $95,000

Town of Morristown:Unit (s) known as Residential Unit No. 34 in the building known as Dockside Resorts Condominium, located at 317 Riverview Drive, Dockside Resorts LLC, Binghamton, sold to Khalid A. Sethi, Binghamton $205,500

Town of Massena:1.36 acres more or less, situate in the north part of Lot No. 8 in Tract N, bounded by Carey Cross Road, Adam Wilson, Massena, sold to Dayna Premo, Diane LaRock and Dawn Cree, (tenants in common), with life use to Harold Dawley, Massena $45,000

Town of Lisbon:0.55 acre more or less, Mile Square No. 5, Range No. 3, bounded by County Route 5, Ronald L. and Wendy M. Jacobs, Lisbon, sold to Michael B. Fennessy, Ogdensburg $90,000

Village of Gouverneur:Bounded by Rowley Street and Lots No. 22 and 23, Felicia H. Spinelli, Gouverneur, sold to Kim C. Kerwin, Gouverneur $72,000

The following property sales were recorded in the St. Lawrence County clerk's office Aug. 5, 2008:

Town of Rossie:2.120 acres more or less, bounded by County Route 30 and the Indian River, Kathleen M. Davis, Redwood, sold to Mark Durham, Overland Park, Kan. $50,000

Town of Hammond:Parcel 1) 0.14 acre more or less, bordering Chippewa Bay, bounded by Heron Road, parcel 2) 0.19 acre more or less, also bounded by Heron Road, Ronald F. and Mabel Decker, Binghamton, sold to Karen S. and Mark A. Klose, Fredonia $175,000

Town of Louisville:Bounded by Nation Road and County Route 36, (foreclosure), John K. Collins, Canton (referee in action), Calvin and Cheryl Lapage, sold to U.S. Bank National Association (as trustee for Credit Suisse First Boston), Cincinnati, Ohio $47,991.52

City of Ogdensburg:Together to contain 0.28 acre more or less, parcel 1) being part of Lot No. 2 in Block No. 261, bounded by Lake Street, parcel 2) All of Lot No. 3 in Block No. 261, bounded by Pine Street, Gregory A. Loffler, Ogdensburg, sold to Martin C. Sincebaugh, Ogdensburg $64,368

Town of Potsdam:2.405 acres more or less, parcel 1) part of Mile Square Lot No. 70, parcel 2) part of Mile Square Lots No. 60 and 70, bounded by Route 11B and the Heath Road, Wayne F. Dennicort, Potsdam, sold to Henry W. and Nancy A. Walters, Pawling $140,000

Town of Edwards:Bounded by County Route 23 and the Power Plant Road, Jamie E. and Laura A. Fenton, Edwards, sold to Mark A. Fenton, Edwards $130,000

Village of Massena:Known as Lot No. 15, house No. 86 Liberty Avenue in Block No. 31, Bruce Beckstead, Lowville, sold to Jason M. Olson and Monica M. Rafter, Brasher Falls $35,000

Village of Gouverneur:0.72 acre more or less, bounded by Waid and Rowley streets, George C. Stephan, Gouverneur, sold to Michael E. and Toni R. James, Gouverneur $98,500

Town of Parishville:Parcel 1) 54 46/100 acres more or less, bounded by Paul G. Cook's lot, A. Adams lot and E. Leonard's lot, parcel 2) 54 46/100 acres more or less, adjoining the above described lot on the east, bounded by N. Stearns and E. Leonard's lots, also 2 3/100 acres more or less, being part of Lot No. 41 in township 13, bounded by Parishville and St. Lawrence Turnpike roads, The Contore Company Inc., Glens Falls, sold to Parishville Sand and Gravel Inc., Potsdam $200,000

The following property sales were recorded in the St. Lawrence County clerk's office Aug. 6, 2008:

Town of Edwards:0.26 acre more or less, bounded by the shore of Cedar Lake, Michael and Jennifer Toohey, Star Lake, sold to Diane Hagerdon, Fairport $55,000

Town of Hopkinton:1.4 acres more or less, bounded by County Route 49 and Route 11B, Thomas J. and Gabriella Schiltz, North Lawrence, sold to Wade and Maria T. Soss, Nicholville $47,000

City of Ogdensburg:Being a part of Block No. 356 on the map of the city of Ogdensburg, the same being a part of Park Lot No. 14 in the Reserve Tract, bounded by Montgomery, Park and Clark streets, Lawrence J. Ferguson, Ogdensburg, sold to Cindy Radloff, Ogdensburg $35,500

Village of Potsdam:82/100 acre more or less, all of Lot No. 13 and a portion of Lot No. 12, as shown on the map known as Leroy Heights Subdivision, bounded by Circle Drive, David J. and Constance M. Youlen, Potsdam, sold to Stephen J. and Melanie A. Sauer, Ithaca $185,000

City of Ogdensburg:Parcel 1) known as Lot No. 9 in Block No. 279, bounded by Spruce and Cherry streets and New York and Ford avenues, parcel 2) known as Lot No. 10 in Block No. 29, being 1008 Ford Ave., Robert J. and Lucy M. Salton, Ogdensburg, sold to Gregory P. and Lori A. Sharland, Ogdensburg $36,000

Town of Louisville:Being part of Mile Square Lot No. 25, bounded by Silmer's Corners to the Erwin Corners, known as the Town Line Road, Winston Brownell, Massena, sold to Raymond J. and Marjorie J. Scott, Ticonderoga $42,000

Village of Canton:0.25 acre more or less, Lots No. 19, 20 and 21 of Riverside Park Addition, bounded by Grove Street, Ronald A. and Roxanna J. Houle, Canton, sold to Kevin James Jahnke and Gretchen Moreno, Wanakena $138,000

City of Ogdensburg:Known as Lot No. 20 and 21 in Block No. 67, bounded by Lafayette, Patterson, Montgomery and Hamilton streets, Andrew M. and Nancy M. Sullivan, Ogdensburg, sold to Kimberly A. LaRose, Ogdensburg $75,000

Town of Morristown:Bounded by Black Lake Road and the shore of Black Lake, Glenn D. and Leila D. Hastings, Canton, sold to Alfred L. and Christine L. Ricci, New Windsor $107,000

Town of Stockholm:68/100 acre more or less, being Lot No. 48, bounded by Pickle Street and Market Road, Judith A. Ingraham, Hannawa Falls, sold to Kurt Barney, Potsdam $110,000

Town of Pierrepont:1/2 acre more or less, bounded by Village Lot No. 2, Philip D. Leveson and Alison M. Leveson-Jones, Hannawa Falls, sold to Gary D. and Kimberly A. Busch, Hannawa Falls $80,000

The following property sales were recorded in the St. Lawrence County clerk's office Aug. 7, 2008:

Town of Clare:418 acres more or less, bounded by the Downerville Road, Zuller, Taft, Eggleston and Ban Downer lots, Lyon Mountain Properties LLC, Miramar Beach, Fla., sold to Elle Investments LLC, Boston, Mass. $297,500

Town of Gouverneur:Being a part of George E. Nichols farm, bounded by the Oswegatchie River, Griffith and Nichols roads, parcel 1) bounded by John Townsend's lot, parcel 2) bounded by B. Smith's lot, parcel 3) bounded by Drake's lot, Scott F. Fletcher, Morris Plains, N.J., sold to Timothy J. Sweeney and Jeanne Evans Sweeney, Gouverneur $106,000

Village of Morristown:1/5 acre more or less, known as the southeasterly part of Lot No. 23, distinguished as Lot No. 8 in Block No. 38, bounded by Turnpike Road and Water Street, Cheryl Felt Mayhew, Peru, sold to Philip R. Oliver, Morristown $100,000

Town of Stockholm:Parcel 1) 7 acres more or less, bounded by Sarah Shaw's lot, the St. Regis River and Parley Seaver's land, parcel 2) 1 82/100 acres more or less, bounded by the northerly bank of the St. Regis River, Elizabeth H. Barnes, Massena, sold to Evelyn A. Carr, Winthrop $49,000

Town of Potsdam:1.20 acres more or less, bounded by Eugene and Elizabeth Hitchcock's land, Michael Brown, Canton, sold to Victoria Templeton-Cornell, Massena $77,000

Village of Canton:Lot No. 34 on the map known as Fairlane Development, sections B and C, Laura N. O'Shaughnessy, Canton, sold to Bret D. Canary, Star Lake $140,000

Town of Stockholm:50 acres more or less, being a part of farm Lot No. 19, bounded by Elliot Road, Luke M. and Rachel Z. Martin, Potsdam, sold to Daniel M. and Lorie A. Ramsdell, Winthrop $30,000

Town of Canton:5.145 acres more or less, situate southerly of Tully Road in Lot No. 1, Mile Square No. 6 of the 2nd Range, bounded by Tully Road and Route 68, Oscar Anthony Zeledon and Nicole Zeledon, Canton, sold to Melanie E. Cruikshank and Christine R. Thrasher (as trustees of the Cruikshank Thrasher family trust), Ogdensburg $219,000

Town of Canton:Parcel 1) 5.145 acres more or less, northwesterly corner of Lot No. 1, Mile Square No. 6 of the 2nd Range, situate southerly of Tully Road in Lot No. 1, Mile Square No. 6 of the 2nd Range, parcel 2) 1.901 acres more or less, bounded by Route 68 and the Tully Road, Oscar Anthony Zeledon and Nicole Zeledon, Canton, sold to Knowllwood Farm LLC, Lisbon $161,000

The following property sales were recorded in the St. Lawrence County clerk's office Aug. 8, 2008:

Town of Louisville:Bounded by Route 37 and Merrill C. Storie's lot, Warren and Betty Robillard, Massena, sold to Daniel O'Keefe Jr., Chase Mills and Daniel O'Keefe Sr., Jefferson Valley $38,000

Town of Louisville:Designated as Lot No. 312 on map titled Wilson Hill Area Power Authority, Susan Ellen Bates, Palm Coast, Fla., sold to Mark F. Lavigne, Alison Molea-Lavigne, Delmar, and Richard A. Molea, Ossining $102,500

Town of Canton:37 19/100 acres more or less, in Mile Square No. 9 in the 8th Range, being Lot No. 9, bounded by Lot No. 8, Gerald E. and Clara A. Mayette, Marathon, Fla., sold to Paul S. Smith, Jacqueline Groulx and Staci Reyes, Ogdensburg $29,000

City of Ogdensburg:Parcel 1) Being part of Lot No. 9 in Block No. 76, bounded by Jersey Avenue and Congress Street, parcel 2) Lot No. 10 in Block No. 76, bounded by Lot No. 9 and 11, Genevieve E.M. Woods, by Karen L. Cruikshank (as her attorney-in-fact), and Karen L. Cruikshank, Ogdensburg, sold to Ardell M. Ayen, Ogdensburg $53,000

Town of Morristown:Known as Residential Unit No. 2 in the building known as Dockside Resorts Condominium, located at 317 Riverview Drive, John T. Benware Jr., Endwell, sold to Ellsworth H. and Betty J. Lyons, Sandston, Va. $185,000

Town of Waddington:1.9352 acres more or less, bounded by St. Lawrence River Road, Mark F. Snider, Waddington, sold to Oscar A. and Nicole Zeledon, Canton $342,000


The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk's office July 31, 2008:

Town of Pamelia:25.90 acres, County Route 16 (Parish Road), Larry R. Malcolm and Elaine S. Malcolm, trustees, Malcolm Revocable Trust, Alexandria Bay, sold to Francis X. Caprara and Helen Caprara, Watertown $29,000

Village of Mannsville:1.40 acres, intersection County Route 90 and Brown Road, Dorothy Comstock, Adams, sold to Richard C. Moriarty Jr. and Eileen Moriarty, Mannsville $42,500

City of Watertown:Two parcels, 1) Vista Avenue, 2) Glen Avenue, Debra Phillips, Lake Wylie, S.C., and Patrick McDermott, Watertown, executors, estate of Irene M. Castro, late of Watertown, sold to Dale S. Porter, Adams Center $84,000

Town of Pamelia:2.29 acres, Mustard Road, Gary D. Brown and Karen L. Brown, Watertown, sold to Kevin R. Parker and Terri E. Parker, Natural Bridge $245,000

Town of Alexandria:2.54 acres, Barnes Settlement Road, Thomas O. Sourwine, executor, will of Frederick Sourwine, late of Redwood, sold to Stephen D. Tauro and Siobhan M. Tauro, Windsor, Conn. $100,000

Town of Henderson:19.394 acres, Lighthouse Road, Superior Walls of America Ltd., New Holland, Pa., sold to Robert J. Bisig Jr. and Kim M. Bisig, Adams $32,000

Town of Rodman:16.75 acres, 21935 Pork Hill Road, Lonnie C. Cavellier and Marsha J. Cavellier, Watertown, sold to Samuel C. Filson and Bridgette M. Filson, Worth $171,500

Town of Theresa:1.29 acres, Wilson Road, Bryan Dusharm, Theresa, sold to Alice Dusharm, Theresa $70,000

City of Watertown:0.232 acre, Gill Street, Christine Massey, n/k/a Christine LaBrake, Lowville, sold to Brandi S. Groman, Watertown $35,000

Town of Lyme:Two parcels, 1) 0.18 acre, 2) 0.17 acre, shore of Lake Ontario, Joseph M. Ewart and Kathleen J. Ewart, Ballston Spa, sold to Frank W. Adsit and Vicki M. Williams, both of Jacksonville, Fla. $180,000

Town of Clayton:14 acres, Mason Point Road, Robert W. Kittle, Charlotte, N.C., sold to George E. Kittle and Patricia Kittle, Clayton $350,000

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk's office Aug. 1, 2008:

Town of LeRay:Two parcels, 1) 100.91 acres, no address given; 2) 53.51 acres, Penet Square, Audrey E. Clark and Norman E. Clark, Evans Mills, sold to Ryan Palmer and Sheri L. Palmer, Watertown $217,000

Town of LeRay:2.75 acres, 179 Maple St., Black River, George P. Spaziani and Becky P. Spaziani, Black River, sold to James C. Cuilla III and Erica Ann Cuilla, Watertown $163,000

City of Watertown:Boyd Street, James M. Townsend and Bobby Jo Townsend, Watertown, sold to Robert L. Johnson, Columbia, S.C. $192,000

Village of Black River:0.518 acre, Sunshine Acres Subdivision, Wendell Lane, Nicholas R. Bakula and Heather A. Bakula, Black River, sold to William A. Spears, Great Bend $172,000

Village of Alexandria Bay:0.27 acre, Bethune Street, John J. Cannestra, Alexandria Bay, sold to 1000 Island Millionaires Club LLC, Atlanta, Ga. $405,000

Town of Lyme:Two parcels, 1) 0.25 acre, 2) no acreage given, both Point Peninsula, Charles McWain, Three Mile Bay, sold to Joan Coughlin, Three Mile Bay $50,000

Village of Clayton:0.32 acre, Riverside Drive, Cynthia Cronk and Darlene A. May, both of Clayton, sold to Trillium Main Street LLC, Atlanta, Ga. $385,000

City of Watertown:Corner of LeRay and Burdick streets, secretary of Housing and Urban Development, c/o National Home Management Solutions of New York LLC, Bordentown, N.J., sold to Jacob C. Hollis, Watertown $47,000

Village of Sackets Harbor:0.265 acre, Ray Street, Battlefield Commons LLC, Latham, sold to David P. Gibbons and Patricia L. Gibbons, Carthage $327,000

Town of Pamelia:Route 37, John Kucirek, Omaha, Neb., sold to David M. Gregory, Watertown $180,000

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk's office Aug. 4, 2008:

Village of Brownville:0.86 acre, Perch River Road, Gary E. Ingram Sr. and Robyn Ingram, Brownville, sold to Jon L. Grant and Christine F. Grant, Watertown $187,000

City of Watertown:1361 Cosgrove St., Judith A. Perry, Feeding Hills, Mass., sold to Jennifer R. Brown, Watertown $117,000

Town of Clayton:6.5 acres, Old Town Springs Road, Leroy P. Garner, trustee, Leroy P. Garner Living Trust, Liverpool, sold to Gerald L. Davies and Bernadette H. Davies, Chaumont $25,000

Town of Rutland:Seven parcels, 1) no acreage or address given, 2) 101 acres, no address given, 3) 300.39 acres, no address given; 4) 110.26 acres, Tylerville-Osmer School House Highway; 5) 147.07 acres, no address given; 6) 92.91 acres, no address given; 7) 181.26 acres, Middle Road, Lawrence G. Woodruff Jr. and Kathleen A. Woodruff, Watertown, sold to Tylerville Land Company LLC, Adams $891,500

Village of Antwerp:Mechanic Street, Ian Lightholder, Watertown, sold to Shelby Countryman, Antwerp $27,500

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk's office Aug. 5, 2008:

City of Watertown:Coffeen Street, David P. Harrienger, Watertown, sold to Garrett Ventures LLC, Turin $142,000

City of Watertown:0.189 acre, 415 S. Meadow St., Fliptz LLC, Watertown, sold to Dennis G. Hyde Jr. and Ashlee E. Hyde, Anchorage, Alaska $109,500

Town of Wilna:0.21 acre, Main Street (Route 3), William L. Koch, Carthage, sold to Brook G. Lee and Christina L. Lee, Sackets Harbor $140,000

City of Watertown:Four parcels, 1) 511 E. Hoard St., 2) 519 E. Hoard Street, 3) 827 Starbuck Ave., 4) Grant Street, Clarence J. Dunn and Ida M. Dunn, Clayton, sold to Gary Meenan, Watertown; Carol E. Roche, Canton; and GC Enterprises Partnership, Canton $400,000

Town of Lyme:Three parcels, 1) and 2) no acreage given; 3) 0.15 acre, all County Route 57, Charles J. Richardson, Chaumont, sold to Paul Raca and Nancy Raca, Rochester $158,000

Village of West Carthage:Lots 1 and 2, Maxwell's Subdivision, Lawrence A. Hall Jr., Carthage, and Karen E. Gulick, Palmyra, sold to Peter Crump Jr., Carthage $72,000

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk's office Aug. 6, 2008:

City of Watertown:0.428 acre, Flower Avenue West, Brian K. Ferguson and Wendy E. Ferguson, Watertown, sold to Lars A. Wendt and Laura E. Wendt, Fort Drum $259,000

Town of Wilna:Three parcels, 1) 81.34 acres, 2) 31.49 acres, 3) 11 acres, Alexandria Road, Doris E. Congdon, Carthage, sold to Robert E. Rucker and Diane E. Rucker, Carthage $160,000

Town of Wilna:2 acres, Alexandria Street Road, Robert E. Rucker and Diane E. Rucker, Carthage, sold to Doris E. Congdon, Carthage $80,000

City of Watertown:1613 State St., Patrick B. McEvoy, Laredo, Texas, sold to 1613 State Street LLC, Watertown $146,000

City of Watertown:1.33 acres, 1341 Marra Drive, Louis F. Peters and Linda S. Peters, Watertown, sold to Daniel E. Daugherty and Kelly J. Daugherty, Watertown $190,000

Town of Wilna:Herrings-Munns Corners Road, Patrick S. Storms and Nicole L. Storms, Carthage, sold to Eric I. Covey, Carthage, and Trisha A. Larock, Carthage $135,000

The following property sales were recorded in the Jefferson County clerk's office Aug. 7, 2008:

Town of LeRay:4.153 acres, Johnson Road, Columbia LeRay LLC, Albany, sold to Savera Hospitality LLC, Rochester $620,000

Village of West Carthage:0.195 acre, North Main Street (foreclosure), David B. Geurtsen, Watertown, referee, Jason P. Courtemanche, aka Jason Courtemanche and Christi Courtemanche, sold to Household Finance Realty Corp. of New York, Elmhurst, Ill. $82,000

Town of Rutland:Andrews Road (foreclosure), Paul D. Trimper, Watertown, referee, William Donald Costa, aka William D. Costa, and Michelle L. Costa, sold to Countrywide Home Loans Inc., Plano, Texas $161,000

Town of LeRay:2.986 acres, 29118 Route 37, Troy Chisamore and Diane Chisamore, Evans Mills, sold to Ann L. Thomas, Taunton, Mass. $170,000

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