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Mon., Jul. 14
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Editor attacks Christians

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What is it with editors employed by the Watertown Daily Times?

If they’re not progressive socialists, they tend to be progressive secularists. Despite the fact that Christians comprise about two-thirds of the American population, the WDT apparently only recruits from this extremist one-third. Jerry Moore, the editorial page editor for the WDT, is another example — Perry White, the city editor for the same paper, being the other — of progressive liberals exhibiting some sort of psychological bent to teach the rest of us just how inferior we are intellectually in comparison to themselves.

On Dec. 22, Mr. Moore criticizes those of the Christian faith in this country by attacking a favorite proxy of the progressive left, Sarah Palin. First, note that these brave editors only target white Christian conservatives. You’ll also notice that when they do engage in serious critiques of faith, they somehow always seem to omit Islamists, Buddhists and every other religion in existence, openly attacking Christians solely.

You’re so brave, Mr. Moore, to attack a female such as Mrs. Palin without her having the ability to respond, so please allow me:

Mr. Moore’s article, titled ”Make Christmas, not war,” is a title totally in contradiction to its content. He writes presumably in response to contentions from Christian conservatives, like Palin, that there is a cultural war underway in this country. Mr. Moore’s article is just further proof, by progressive liberals on the Christian faith. And correctly so.

Mr. Moore claims that it is Christians like Palin who are the warmongers: “Rather than displaying the joy and excitement of their favorite time of year, they use it as an excuse to wallow in petty grievances.”

Petty? He cannot help himself from trivializing the Christian community.

But it is you, Mr. Moore, who has chosen this time of the year to write a quarter-page hit piece on Christians and Mrs. Palin. What a hypocrite! Observe how he projects his own inadequacies onto others.

Examining the very title tells us much about the extremist intellect: “Make Christmas, not war” leads one to believe that we’re about to be treated to a serious and compassionate treatise on the matter. Instead, we’re subjected to just one more schizophrenic venting by another incoherent progressive.

Progressives, understandably, do not fare well in open debate or the public airwaves where they’re taken to task for attempting to rewrite history, or to misinform, or to push a suspect narrative without scrutiny. So they flock to one-sided venues like print media to give their agenda the flavor of unchallenged omniscience.

But wait, there’s Moore: “The problem is that Palin comes off quite often in her book as enraged, bitter, contemptuous and arrogant.” That statement best reflects you and your ilk, Mr. Moore, not Christians. And you strain to rewrite history to augment your inability to convince with your intellect: ”The atrocities committed in the name of Jesus throughout the history of western civilization largely stopped once government decided to subject religious zealotry to secular law.”

Really? As in pre-Christian Rome, Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union under Stalin, Cambodia, Darfur, Africa, the Middle East, etc., etc., etc.? And, of course, there’s that Christian jihad on 9/11, right?

The absurdity of such a statement distracts us from noticing Mr. Moore’s laser-like focus on maligning Christians at any cost.

It’s true that the First Amendment protects our speech and prevents government from imposing an exclusive religion upon the people. But it also cannot prevent the free exercise of our religious beliefs!

Secularists, like Mr. Moore, disdain religion much less the free exercise of it. He states, ”[T]he government’s responsibility is to protect all our rights in deciding how we wish to express ourselves.”

Obviously, this is pure lip service! It is their contention that society should have freedom “from” religion since public expressions of faith, even by the majority, conflicts with their unbelief. And their agenda is to rid the public square of all religious expression, leveraging one faith against another while clamoring for the rights of minority atheists as if unbelief qualifies in and of itself in deserving the same protection as religious beliefs do.

Moore confesses as much: ”Yes, seeing Christmas displays cluttered with an assortment of symbols from numerous other groups can be annoying. But where Palin sees in that the downfall of religious culture in the United States, I see our nation’s greatest principles in full view.”

Unwittingly, Mr. Moore has made Sarah Palin’s case for her! So again, what is it with the WDT and its uneducated educators?

David Kosulandich is a resident of Gouverneur.

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